Sunday, July 4, 2010

A baby... but not for long!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Just 1 year ago today we enjoyed a hot and fun holiday. Little did we know then that in exactly 1 week our little ball of joy would be born!

Miles and I enjoying the parade - 4th of July 2009

What a difference a year makes! This year we got to see the annual parade through Miles' eyes and it was fun. He was so alert to every new sound - fire engine sirens, brass bands, car horns and music blaring. He loved it! Miles' waving skills were pretty good before the parade but by the end of the show he was waving like he's ready to be on a float. Next year's kiddie parade - here we come!

Miles was an especially happy boy because his Gray grandparents arrived today from Arizona. He hadn't seen them since Christmas but it was as if only a day had passed - he was little Mr. Personality showing them how he can toddle behind his walking toy, make an elephant sound, drive his trucks, stand on his own for a few seconds at a time, practice using a spoon, and crawl, crawl, crawl! He is going to love all of the special, extra attention he'll get while grandma and grandpa are here. After a full day of playing I'm not sure who will be more tired - Miles or his grandparents!

So this week is Miles' last official week as a baby. I've been thinking a lot about this lately and wondering how a year can go by so quickly. Mike and I always comment on how it feels like Miles has been a part of our lives forever and we're so happy to have him. I've been trying to savor every last moment of being a mother to a baby as we're nearing the end of nursing, bottle feedings and cradling. It's amazing that just 1 year ago today we could only wonder at the possibilities of having this little unknown baby and today we can't imagine our lives without him because he brings us so much joy.

Cooling off in the pool.

Awww, this is the life!

Playing under the table.

Hanging out with Grandma & Grandpa Gray.

The gang (Carlsons, Grays and us) at the parade.

2010 4th of July

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