Sunday, October 30, 2011

A day in the life of our Rose!

We're in the holiday spirit. We had a rare and luxurious 3 days off as a family with no real plans. What this meant was great quality and quantity family time. We were so busy having fun that our house didn't get cleaned and I'm sad to have to go back to work tomorrow morning.

Wednesday night we went to a Halloween party at the kids' school.
Tigger and Little Tiger were in the party mood.

They played games and Miles ate a cookie but most importantly looked darn cute!

Hads is at that age where she is perfectly plump - I just want to squeeze her all of the time. During bath I couldn't resist snapping lots of pictures.

The spotlight can never be on Hadley too long (sorry 2nd child). While snapping away Miles crawled on the floor between my legs and also wanted his picture taken. He's a good big brother though.

Saturday morning we went to the Arboretum and thoroughly enjoyed the scarecrow and pumpkin displays.

Brother and sister choke hold amidst the cornucopia.
Here's our little pumpkin next to her first pumpkins. We remember fondly Miles cute baby pictures next to his first pumpkins too (October 2009 post).

There was a Halloween soundtrack playing inside and Miles' keen ears could hear the wolves howling in the background. He was determined to find the wolves and howled to them in response.

It was a nice fall day to run around and enjoy October in Minnesota.

Hads loves the exersaucer and is starting to jump and bounce in it more and more.

Today we went to the Klingelhutz pumpkin patch to pick out 3 perfect pumpkins. Miles loved the wagon and we got "a big one" just like he wanted.

Once home, we all dug in and scooped the guts out of the pumpkins and carved away.

For the first time Hadley joined us at the table like a big girl in her high chair. We had to have a quick conversation with Miles to reassure him that he's a big boy and has his very own big boy booster seat and that Hadley will now be joining us at the table in the baby high chair. Once we all got settled in our age appropriate chairs Hadley LOVED the view from her new seat...and we loved having her right next to us for the festivities.

We were proud of our masterpieces. Can Halloween be anymore fun then celebrating with an enthusiastic toddler and a baby on her first Halloween?

A day in the life of Hadley...

She's so easy going I have to say she's not on a strict schedule yet. We just started thinking about getting her on a more consistent bedtime routine this weekend.

6:30 am - wake up with mommy, nurse and mommy gets her dressed.

7:00 am - exercise in the exersaucer while Mike gets Miles ready and the car loaded for school.

7:30 am - arrive at daycare. Hadley's teachers, Sally, Darcy and Morgan take very good care of her. She's always happy and well taken care of there. She spends the day taking 3 one hour cat naps, drinks 3 seven ounce bottles, does tummy time, plays in the swing and on the mat with her friends, sings, paints and watches all of the action.

4:15 pm - Mike picks her up.

5:30 pm - nurse with mommy and hang out while the rest of us eat dinner

6:00 pm - play as a family. Hadley likes to do tummy time and rolls all over the place to reach her toys.

7:00 pm - watches Miles do his bedtime routine and listens to stories.

7:30 pm - nurses and snoozes on the couch.

10:00 pm - nurses again and goes to bed in her crib in our room to sleep through the night. Starting this weekend though we're doing a feeding between 8-9:00 pm and are starting a bedtime routine of reading books, nursing, and singing "You are My Sunshine."

Ahhhh, the like of a babe...

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